Pokémon GO: 750 million downloads and new events to celebrate its first anniversary

Pokémon GO is about to celebrate its first anniversary and has already added 750 million downloads worldwide, as announced by Niantic from its official website.

Pokémon GO: 750 million downloads and new events to celebrate its first anniversary

A figure that gives chills by just reading it.

In fact, Pokémon GO was the most downloaded application of the App Store in 2016 around the world despite having been released on July 6 of that year (to our country arrived July 13).

In its first month of life, more than 100 million total downloads and revenues of more than $ 10 million per day were estimated, according to App Annie, and by the end of February, Niantic announced that it had reached 650 million downloads.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]To talk about ‘Pokémon GO’ as a successful game is to stay short.[/quote_colored]

First Pokémon GO anniversary and new events

With respect to the first anniversary of ‘Pokémon GO’, Niantic has announced a couple of events to celebrate. On June 13, 2017, will start the solstice event, which will feature Ice and Fire Pokémon, large PX bonus for launching Poké Balls with precision, and Huevos Suerte with discount at the game store.

In addition to that, Niantic announces a new update for after that date focused on the collaborative group game features. The company has not offered more details on this, except that the gyms will be temporarily disabled while they are preparing these new features.

Finally, Niantic has announced its first ‘Pokémon GO’ event in the real world. It will be called Pokémon GO Fest Chicago and will take place at Grant Park, located in downtown Chicago, on July 22 this year.

As of June 19, both information on this event and tickets to attend will be available through PokemonGoLive.com/Fest.

In Europe will also be held several events between June and September, as well as the so-called Pikachu Outbreak in Japan scheduled for August. For now, have not offered more details, so we must be aware of everything.