PS5 will be officially announced on February 12, 2020

PS5 will be officially announced on February 12, 2020

After a short time in silence, it seems that this week the new generation of Sony and Microsoft consoles returns to take center stage. Although Phil Spencer was telling us about how far the game is still streaming, it seems that the wait will not be such, and a recent leak would have dated the official presentation of the PS5 on February 12, 2020.

The news comes from the hands of Gamesradar, who claim to have done with an internal email from Sony in which they talk about an event called «PlayStation Meeting 2020», and which secured space to advance new details about the console.

In addition, the participation of some companies and developers that will participate in the event such as Activision, Ubisoft or Electronic Arts, which would use this platform to offer us new details about their next jobs for the new generation is also mentioned.

Although it is a great opportunity to confirm the specifications and characteristics of the new generation, beyond the current rumors and statements of third parties, we would be talking about the announcement of the console, not the availability of it. And it is that the Japanese company already warned us a few months ago that we should not wait for the arrival of the PS5 before April 2020.

A strategy that we could see in the past with the launch of the PS4, which was initially revealed in February, was shown months later to the public during the next E3 fair and began selling in November.

Given that the new console has not yet been officially revealed beyond the fact that it is in development, the dates marked by Sony could coincide again, although this would imply that the actual launch of the PS5 would be delayed until the end of 2020.