Rainbow Six Siege: Loot box, new menus and more features in the second year

In the week ahead of the start of the second year of stands on Rainbow Six Siege. But an overview of the pending changes has already published the makers.

Rainbow Six Siege: Lootbox, new menus and more in the second year

In the news, you can find the new user interface, Loot box, and details about the first operators.

Rainbow Six wins are also one year after the release still popular among shooter fans who want to take it tactically.

And now stands before the second year of the shooter, in the post, the developers of Ubisoft again new content.

Next week starts the first season of the second year of Rainbow Six Siege.

With the first additional content, the Spanish operators Mira and Jackal are finding their way.

While Jackal can see the attacker the footsteps of enemies, Mira glass built into walls to see so the attacker before the blast.

How do the two classified in the structure of the previous operators of Rainbow Six victories, is exciting?

This makes it not only playfully goes forward, the developers have planned some improvements around it. So the user interface of Rainbow Six wins should be revised.

In the new season then shines the menu that you can see already in the attached video.

In addition, “Loot boxes” come into play. It can be located almost all items that are there in Rainbow Six Siege.

The packets get her for work or games – presumably – through the shop. When this function is inserted in Rainbow Six victories but is still not entirely clear.