RUMOR: More Xbox Series X units coming for the holiday season

The current generation of consoles is about to reach its first year on the market and the effects of the pandemic are still being felt in the manufacturing and production chains, making the shortage of units the norm in recent months. A few days before the start of the holiday season, Xbox Series X has been a rare commodity and, worse still is now the target of resellers. However, the situation could improve a bit thanks to an effort from Microsoft.


According to information from Christopher Dring, head of, sources related to the distribution of consoles in the industry revealed that the supply of Xbox Series X will improve a little in the coming days. This is part of Microsoft’s strategy to take advantage of the momentum of the Forza Horizon 5 releases in November and Halo Infinite in December so that the most powerful console in the world can reach more players this holiday season.

Likewise, it is pointed out that another of Microsoft’s objectives is to promote the combination of Xbox Series X with Xbox Game Pass, a service that just fell short of its expectations for this year. However, we must remember that the arrival of xCloud to consoles is expected in December, so the Microsoft division would have a full house to promote a great gaming offer for the most important commercial season of the year.

Since we are talking about the shortage of consoles, the statement of Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, cannot be left behind, who acknowledged that the phenomenon will continue to impact the industry, probably until 2023. So, it does not hurt to remind you that in In case you have the opportunity to get an Xbox Series X do so, as it could be sold out in the next few weeks.