Rust for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 could debut sooner than you think

Although it seemed that its best years were already behind it, Rust had a resurgence in early 2021 and is the viral game of the moment. How long will this last? It is impossible to predict, but it is a fact that a lot of users want to play it right now. For this reason, many will be struck by knowing that there is information that seems to indicate that Rust for consoles will arrive sooner than we thought.

What happens is that, as reported by Eurogamer, it was recently discovered that Rust’s console port for consoles appeared on the site of the ESRB, the body that is dedicated to classifying video games in the United States. In fact, it even has a classification, and thanks to this we know that it is only suitable for adults.

“This is a first-person survival game in which players compete to survive in a hostile environment,” notes the site that gives it an M rating. “Players explore an open-world environment, obtain resources, create weapons, and defend from wild animals and other players. Players can attack and eliminate enemies in frenzied combat.


The fact that Rust has already been classified for the ESRB seems to indicate that it is soon to debut. Recall that the classification by this body is one of the last steps that a console game must follow in order to debut.

Now, we should also point out that Rust for consoles still lacks a release date. It was originally expected to arrive in 2020 but was eventually delayed. We’ll keep an eye out for announcements from Facepunch and let you know when we learn more about Rust’s coming to consoles.


Considering that next-gen consoles are already here, many expected Rust to have a version that harnessed the power of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. That said, you shouldn’t expect that to happen, or at least not for now…

The thing is, the ESRB only rated Rust for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Taking this into account and that Facepunch only confirmed it for the past generation of consoles, you shouldn’t expect a version with new generation features.

The good news is that you will be able to play Rust on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X thanks to the backward compatibility of both consoles.

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