Spider-Man will never come out on Xbox One or PC


During the E3 2017, Insomniac Games climbed onto the stage during the Sony convention and showed the audience a compelling new chapter dedicated to Spider-Man.

Introduced as the exclusive for Playstation 4, Spider-Man was soon surrounded by the classic hypotheses linked to the possibility of seeing it end up on other platforms at a later time.

Insomniac, therefore, decided to break any doubt. Spider-Man will remain an exclusive title and will never come out on PC or Xbox One.

To redress the Spider Man’s clothing you will need to have a Playstation 4, maybe a Playstation 4 Pro if you want to make the most of what the developers have suggested.

Spider-Man will not be just an exclusive time

Sony has not yet announced the release date of the game. Spider-Man is scheduled for 2018, which will feature many inspired products, including God of War, Days Gone and much more.