Star Citizen: Galactic Tour Origin Ships

It’s been four years since Star Citizen‘s record-breaking crowdfunding campaign began, and while the game, nor any part (er, module) of it is still not out, it is still under active development, and fans and those who funded it are constantly kept in the loop about how things are coming.

Today, Cloud Imperium Games went ahead and shared a brand new trailer, that introduces two new ships that will be in the game, by functional company Origin.

The ships look great, and the trailer is well made, taking on the style of a reporter introducing new models from a well-known company. Star Citizen fans will probably appreciate this.

Star Citizen is due out on PC exclusively. The first person shooter module, Squadron 42, was originally set to launch this year, until earlier this year, it was revealed that it would not be releasing in 2016. Hopefully and presumably, it is out sometime next year.