Super Mario 64: The legendary run of all time was mastered

For years, Speedrunner has been setting the absolute record in Super Mario 64. And now a player has made it. After more than seven months of hard training, he can call himself a new world champion. He is the first to make this legendary run in a record time.

Super Mario 64:

Super Mario 64 is an absolute hit in the Speedrunner community despite its age. No other game can delight as many participants and spectators as the classic of the N64.

For years the participants of the hunt have been trying to get the ultimate run on their feet. This is about collecting all 120 stars in the game. And this in an absolute record time.

Speedrunner Allan Alvarez aka “Cheese05” has also started hunting for the record of Super Mario 64. Seven months of hard training later, he can finally show the hoped-for success.

So far the best time for such a run of Super Mario 64 was more than 1:40 hours.

Alvarez has now set the new record close to 1:39:57 hours and is the first to cross this magical limit.

This barrier has been present in the Speedrunner community for years. Alvarez himself had a record of 1:40:05 presented, but by his colleagues were soon undercut.

Again and again, small inconsistencies hindered the record and he wanted to give up the race in Super Mario 64 already. Now you can watch his victory in the video.

What he is planning next is not yet clear.