Support for 2K resolutions will arrive in a few days to the Xbox One X and Xbox One S within the Insider Program for Xbox One

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X happens to be the most powerful console on the market, a console that boasts the option of playing content in 4K quality at 60 fps always, yes, we have a television or a suitable monitor.

But not only 4K lives the man and the Xbox One X is capable of performing supersampling, this is rescaled down.

All Full HD (1080p) screen users benefit from a measure that allows them to display the content in that resolution at the highest quality.

The problem is that we already see how there are more and more monitors for PC and console with 2K or 1440p resolutions. What happens with these monitors?

Supersampling is a method that improves the quality of the image in Full HD TV by lowering the resolution of images that are offered in 4K.

It is an improvement of antialiasing that eliminates the “jaggies” (saw teeth) that are produced in games.

When the Xbox One X was launched, it was announced that in the future an update would come which would allow the Xbox One X to perform supersampling for monitors that had a 2K resolution (1440p), an update that is getting closer.

This is what emerges from Kevin Gammill, a member of the Xbox software team, who in his Twitter account announces that this innovation will soon come in the form of an update, although in the first place only users of the Insider Program will be able to benefit from it.

In addition, and this is the surprise, the good news continues, and is that the little sister of the Xbox One X, the Xbox One S, will also receive this update, so that anyone who has one can see how they take advantage of that 2K resolution, but instead of going down from 4K what will do is rescale to those 1440p from 1080p.

It benefits in this way the increasingly growing number of users who have in their homes a 2K monitor in which to take advantage of their games or any type of multimedia content.

What do you think about this update?