Syberia 3: Kate Walker is back

Reunion is fun: After 13 years, Kate Walker returns to the world of video games. The editorial team played “Syberia 3” with our developers.

Syberia 3

Many years have actually passed, but virtually “Syberia 3” is only a few weeks after the second part of 2004. The Youkol nomads save the dying Kate Walker in the middle of the snow desert of Siberia.

They bring Kate to a clinic, where the shady Dr. Olga not only cares about Kate but also the spiritual Youkol leader Kurk, who has lost his lower leg.

There, too, the dangerous Dr. Mongolian, who not only remembers a Nazi doctor but also has a taste for what the fascist military regime and the world affected by a radioactive catastrophe of the dimensions of Chernobyl still hold.

On the run

With this in mind, Kate Walker has to get out of the clink first. Not an easy thing to do, because those responsible keep the inmates, though healthy, trapped for more than 20 years. Is the hospital a detention center for other people behind a sanatorium facade?

In order to escape, Kate must first interrogate an interrogation – but it also threatens an “Injection molding”. With the right answers, Mongolian Walker leaves a key. But the fake is and does not fit.

With the help of the Boeing rule, which she lures at Kurksend, Kate manages to leave the institution. Only she has to leave Kurk, a difficult decision that gives a first impression of how close to the player an adventure game can go.

Good hour

It took a good hour to play this first part of the first level, overall, “Syberia 3” should come to 20-30 hours. In addition to the curiosity, the alliance proved that the makers of Microids have made the step into the next decade effortlessly.

“Games in 3D are the expression of the current era,” says illustrator and story author Benoit Sokal, who has also integrated his son Hugo as a complementary element and photographer into the production for the new part.

In fact, the game looks great. Thus the landscapes, whether Russian-radioactive contaminated or deeply snow-covered, work intensively.

Forecast: Syberia 3

“Syberia 3” provides beautiful pictures, mature environments, credible characters, good voices and an easy-to-use but fast-paced operation in the first and third chapter. And the story could turn into a very interesting conspiracy thriller with many realistic backgrounds (autocrats, environmental disasters, shamanism, Nazis, Russians).