This Cyberpunk 2077 comparison shows how the PS4 and PS5 versions have improved with the new patch

The arrival of patch 1.04 to Cyberpunk 2077 was the first step aimed at fixing the mess of the CD Projekt Red game on consoles, including PS5 and Xbox Series X but especially on the basic versions of PS4 and Xbox One.

After two days running on Playstation and PC consoles, just a handful of hours in the case of Xbox, the comparisons between the different versions of PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 with the launch patch versus the new patch 1.04 have not been long in coming.

Here’s a video that puts the patch changes into perspective. The improvements in aspects such as resolution, quality of textures, lighting, and stability both indoors and outdoors are seen at a stroke.

PS4 in its basic version is, unfortunately, quite on horseback from the other two. Yes there is a little increase in resolution and it seems that the stability of the framerate has improved, but in the case of the first version of the machine, it still suffers to touch 30 fps.

Something more reassuring is the improvements in lighting and textures, as well as a good pan of bugs that remained even in the case of the PC version. One of those that we discussed in our analysis and that seems finally resolved is the failure in animations of certain NPCs during cut-scenes.

Others, according to CD Projekt Red itself, include fixes in problems with certain missions not continuing as they should, improvements in the transition from first to the third person in vehicles, fix for several crashes, and reduction of lights to deal with the problems of some users with epilepsy