Tips and Tricks for Android Games on PC

Some Android games are so good that the small screen of your phone or tablet leaves a lot to be desired. Therefore, you probably want to play the games on your desktop or laptop.  Though this can be done relatively easily, you may not know how, so below are some quick tips and tricks on how to play Android games on a PC curated by our friends from NextDayPC.

Bluestacks software to run Android applications on the computer

One of the most popular programs for running Android applications on the computer and as it happens in the introduction that if you install it on the capabilities of a weak device shows you many problems such as updating the screen card and the RAM is not required to run the program but you should know that since the inception of the program was don’t count on this Things are running on any computer no matter how weak the possibilities are and this is what we are reviewing for you today which is to put some direct download links to run the program but in older versions and not modern.

If the specifications of your computer have a ram higher than 1GB and a screen card other than Intel cards, we recommend installing the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Bluestacks

YouWave software to play Android games on the computer

Program YouWave, the program runs the Android applications on the computer but paid but you can enjoy it for a period of experience 10 days free you can during the free period to enjoy the Android system on your device and it is very easy to install like any program and does not need the capabilities High-bootable only 1 GB RAM and a screen card is not very weak you experience it and run Android applications.

The new Andy program to run Android applications on the computer

The Andy program, first it is not a program but is considered an Android operating system but you can run it as a fake using VirtualBox program (download) specialized in the operation of Phantom systems on the computer needs to run Andy this program and after downloading the program Andy and VirtualBox run VirtualBox Then create an imaginary system by clicking on the word NEW and locate the program and create an imaginary system.

Install the Android system on your computer as an imaginary system

Install the Android system on the computer next to Windows as an imaginary system (download system). There is the so-called VirtualBox or phantom system that you talked about in the Andy program and through it, you can install any other operating system next to the Windows operating system on the computer so you can install Linux next to Windows on the same computer.

But the new here is that you can install the Android system on the Phantom system on the computer. Definitely great and special and you install Android applications on the computer easily, just like you own the Android phone on the computer… I know this paragraph is similar to the Andy program, where they can be installed.

It was fake systems but the difference in the area is the program Andy spaces 250 Mega But the Android system is 200 MB and less and does not need the capabilities of a high device and there are no problems if you encounter problems in Andy you have the alternative.

Windroy the giant program to run Android applications on the computer

Windroy software to simulate Android on the computer where you install this program on your computer you get a fake Android system and virtual on your device, through which you can download, install and run Android applications on the computer and started to play the distinctive Android games and take advantage of Great Android apps such as premium photo apps that enable you to add great effects to your photos such as Instagram, and also connect and send free messages like Facebook and WhatsApp August.

The program is unique and wonderful and the size of the program is 80 mega only. Supports XP, 7 and 8 but it has one flaw to mention and he has no access to Google Play to download applications but you can use the APK site and open Google Play from the computer and choose the application you want, and then copy the link to the app and paste it in the APK site to download the application on the computer and after protecting Night copy to this track Windroywindroy_rootdataapp folder to install and enjoy the app.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. However, if you are looking to play one of your favorite Android games on a PC it may be just what you need!