The Wardrobe was released on Steam this week

It is a point and clicks adventure game fun players expect from the genre, being developed by C.I.N.I.C. Games and produced by Italian distributor Adventure Productions.

the Wardrobe

Throughout the week receive a 15% discount to celebrate the launch of what was left after several delays expected.

In The Wardrobe, you are in his shoes Skinny (speak, for Skinny is a skeleton) and will have to save his best friend’s soul.

During the adventure, where you keep your inventory items in the chest, developers indie promise hundreds of references from pop culture and beyond, over 40 Venue hand drawn and 70 of shady characters with whom you interact, but also different mechanics to solve puzzles.

It all actually began five years ago at a picnic arranged by the two friends, Ronald and Skinny.

When Ronald gives his friend a plum, none of them knew that Skinny is allergic. So when Ronald Skinny enters into anaphylactic shock flees terrified.

the Wardrobe

Skinny finds himself became a skeleton, condemned to live forever in his locker Ronald.

Skinny then took care of his old friend over … but everything is about to change drastically.

To save his friend from eternal punishment will have to reveal and make him Ronald to admit the crime.