Watch Dogs 2 May Have Performance Issues At PlayStation 4 Launch

The previous day, 4K photos of Watch Dogs 2 going for walks on PlayStation 4 pro emerged on-line, displaying how the sport appears to run greater than decently for essentially the most section.

Unfortunately, it looks as if the common PlayStation 4 console will battle with the soon to be launched open world recreation by way of Ubisoft.

Just a few hours ago, a Watch Dogs 2 centered live stream with the aid of Eurogamer confirmed how the sport suffers from a kind of performance issues.

As the game has yet to release, these issues might be fixed in a day one update.

Details of such an update have yet to be confirmed, but it shouldn’t take long, as Watch Dogs 2 launches in just 3 days on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Watch Dogs 2 will feature a brand new protagonist and a brand new setting, the city of San Francisco, which give the game a completely different feel than its predecessor.

Being an open world game, Watch Dogs 2 will also allow players to take on a variety of side activities that will expand the experience considerably.

More content will also be coming to the game after launch, with a Season Pass allowing players to get every DLC for a reduced price.