The Xbox One X and its Blu-ray UHD reader will receive a patch to solve the problems with the HDR

Xbox One X

The Xbox One X is being the protagonist these days. For the good sales figures in its first week in some markets (case of the United Kingdom), for the power it offers and the quality it allows to obtain in terms of positive data. But there are also negative ones.

The problems of sudden death are there and can not be hidden by the most staunch fans of the brand. Without being clear yet the reason, whether it is for the power cord or not (as there is no official response from Microsoft), now it is time to talk about another new ruling, although regarding this if they have spoken from Redmond.

A bug that affects the UHD Blu-ray player in the console

And is that some owners of the Xbox One X have reported that when using the UHD Blu-ray player to watch a movie, the quality of the image is not adequate.

A failure that becomes especially evident when there are high levels of black color, which when passing through the HDR filter become rather blue.

So much so that since Forbes talk about a very poor quality in the Blu-ray of the Xbox One X if compared to the Xbox One S.

A Blu-ray that has not offered the problems of noise and blue tonality in black colors when playing a movie with HDR and if they appear on the Xbox One X.

A flaw that can apparently be solved with a software update that will come with a patch that will fix the problem with the range of HDR output that causes the defective tone with black colors. It was Mike Ybarra who answered on his Twitter account:

You are about to launch a patch that fixes these bugs with the Blu-ray player:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”We will release a patch with specific Blu-Ray fixes very soon to fix high levels of black with HDR movies, etc. Only a few days are left”[/perfectpullquote]

Remember that the Xbox One X is together with the Xbox One S the only video game console that makes use of a UHD Blu-ray player with which it is able to play content in 4K HDR format, either in the form of movies or series in physical format or streaming as well as games (those adapted to this profile).

Next, to the failure detected with the UHD Blu-ray player, some users claim problems with the Dolby Atmos output of the console, although before this possible error there is still no official response from Microsoft.