Xbox Scorpio Confirmed Compatibility With Xbox 360 Games

Just like the Xbox One, Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Scorpio will be backward suitable with Xbox 360 video games.

Microsoft’s Director of Xbox and windows application management, Mike Ybarra, validated this on Twitter not too long ago.

“Of path” will Xbox 360 Backwards compatibility work on the Xbox Scorpio, stated Ybarra when asked whether or not the common crimson lifeless Redemption will still work on the Scorpio.

Xbox Scorpio Backwards Compatibility isn’t absolutely surprising as a result of the status of the characteristic, and sure similarities between the structure of the Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio

Microsoft introduced Xbox One backward compatibility with Xbox 360 games for the period of its E3 press conference last year and new backward suitable titles were delivered to the library on a month-to-month groundwork.

Essentially the most contemporary addition to the BC library is all-time favorite “Blue Dragon” from developer Mistwalker.

Assignment Scorpio has but to be fully certain, but for now, we know that it physical activities an eight-core CPU and a GPU with 6 teraflops of computing energy.

With the Scorpio, Microsoft ambitions to supply true native 4K gaming, but Microsoft will let man or woman developers come to a decision how they’re going to use the Scorpio’s vigor.

“I believe people get burdened and say our messaging is bizarre. Not every developer is going to make use of it that way”, said Microsoft’s sr. Director of product management, Albert Penello, in an up to date interview with The interior Circle.

“Now not each developer goes to make a decision to take that 6TFLOPs and do 4K/60fps with it. They would decide for their game, their engine that they need to do something distinct and that’s excellent. However, our goal is to build a field that delivers actual 4K video games at the equal level of constancy that you simply see in your current Xbox One video games. That’s the box we’re constructing. We all know we can do it. We wouldn’t have gone out and said it if we didn’t suppose we might do it. Now we have numerous work ahead to do it, however, that’s our purpose.”