Xbox Series X to receive new units soon, but demand remains high

Xbox Series X

The new generation of Microsoft consoles has gotten off to a good start, talking about the best launch in the history of Xbox. And it is that although the executive has not revealed concrete figures, everything indicates that the sale of Xbox Series X and Series S will be much higher than the one obtained by the Xbox One.

However, both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 have suffered from massive shortages since their November launch, with a holiday season undoubtedly making problems worse, and forward-looking views pointing to no stock issues. will be resolved immediately now that we are in 2021.

This was stated in their last interview by Larry Hryb and Phil Spencer, who claimed that, although the launch of the consoles was obviously a highlight of the year for Microsoft, both consoles are selling “too fast” at the moment.

And, as Spencer himself has stated in recent interviews, “ Some people ask me ‘Why didn’t you build more Xbox Series X? Why didn’t you start earlier? ‘ […] We are not holding them back, we are building them as fast as we can . We have all the production lines in place. Last week I was on the phone talking to Lisa Su at AMD asking ‘How can we get more? It is something we are constantly working on .

Xbox Series X

On the other hand, Spencer also pointed out that Sony is in the same situation with the PlayStation 5 at the moment, as well as NVIDIA and AMD themselves with their new graphics cards, clarifying that it is not a problem exclusive to Microsoft.

Even so, the latest statements from those responsible for all these companies make us think that the balance between supply and demand and the stock problems of the new generation of consoles will catch up sooner rather than later, although we will undoubtedly still have to wait until after at least the first quarter of 2021 to be able to easily get hold of the new Xbox Series X and Series S.