Google calls its employees in the US after the Trump anti immigration law

You’ve probably heard that Donald Trump recently signed an anti-immigration note, which focuses on Muslim countries and affects the tech world.

Google sent a message to its employees working abroad who could be affected by the new law, calling them back to the States. Apple and Microsoft have reacted to this decision.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai criticized Trump’s extent and sending a memo to employees saying that over 100 people are affected by this law, among those working at Google.

The memo is mentioned a “personal cost and affects some employees top of the company.”

In fact, not allowed to enter the US people in 7 countries including Syria, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen or Libya, at least 3 months to come.

Google did not say whether any employee has blocked at the border or at airports, a negative trend seen more often in recent days. It also recommended that people who want to travel to those countries to postpone their plans during this period.

Note that the law stops and those who have visas or permanent residence permit in those countries to return to the States.

Netflix chief said it was “a sad week” and Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO reminded everyone that he is an immigrant and he felt the positive impact of immigration over the years for Microsoft, the US and the world. Microsoft would have 76 employees banned from entering the States after this decision.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is concerned about the situation, and Tim Cook said that Apple will do its utmost to support employees who have suffered from Trump’s decision.

Cook said, and that “diversity makes us stronger” and quoted Martin Luther King and the phrase: “Perhaps all came on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.”

With so many negative reactions, we would not be surprised that the law to fail sooner or later, especially since the State airports are in chaos for days.