Google can help keep you informed on Election Day

Google is making an excellent industry out of the 2016 US election. The quest massive introduced in these days that it is going to show the election results as quickly as they arrive in, for the Presidential, Senatorial, Congregational, and Gubernatorial races.

It will also put up updates for the state-stage referenda and ballot propositions.

Google to post detailed election results tomorrow

The past couple of months, Google has been active in engaging voters by creating awareness about November’s election. It did this by providing voters information about not only how to vote, but where to vote by mapping out the nearest polling station.

This election hum-drum has caused “a startling 233% increase in traffic for “how to vote” compared with 2012. In addition to “how to vote,” Americans are actively searching for “where to vote” — particularly in battleground states,” Google has said.

Google has chosen today to further announce that it is going to be reside streaming the election results from fundamental news organizations like NBC, Telemundo, and Bloomberg on YouTube at 7 p.M. ET on the eighth of November, Tuesday.

The quest engine massive will put up the outcome pronto after the polls close in over 30 exclusive languages. The outcome will probably be up to date regularly, after each thirty seconds as shown in the screenshot under.


The interface is unassuming ample. The tabs on the highest will let you swap between specific races like Presidential, Senatorial, and condominium.

The outcome will even include knowledge about what number of more electoral votes are wanted for the presidential candidate to win, what number of seats are left within the house and Senate, etc.