New details on Google Pixel 2 Taimen, Walleye and check the Nexus name

Google Pixel 2

Talking about Pixel 2, more precisely about Taimen and Walleye, the two alleged upcoming tops of the range of the Google smartphone family.

The latest news comes directly from XDA, through which we get new details on both devices and some curious indication of using the Nexus name for a feature software, but we go with order.

Let’s start by talking about Taimen, for which it seems to be confirmed that LG will be concerned with the realization of the smartphone.

The first specs on the specs tell us about a 5.99″ display with QHD 1440p resolution, SoC Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM memory, already spotted earlier.

Internal memory should reach 128GB and design will resume the current Pixel If it seems that the glass space on the back will be reduced, which will not fit the fingerprint sensor, always on the back. Finally, it seems that Taimen will not follow the trend of the year, so there is no borderless design and no Double camera.

Moving to Walleye, we find a device that, like this year, should share most of the specifications with his older brother. We speak of the same SoC, always Snapdragon 835, And 4GB of RAM, though in this case, the internal memory should stop at 64GB.

Walleye should also incorporate a dual stereo speaker, although the arrival of this feature will signal the output of the 3.5mm audio jack, absent in the version currently spotted by the source.

Finally, we find the name Nexus Imprint, apparently used to indicate fingerprint management software on Taimen, while Walleye uses Pixel Imprint.

It is not clear why Google chose to resume this name, especially because the two devices have this kind of variant. All we have to do is wait for more details to shed light on this small, but marginal, mystery.