HTC U11 gets the best results in its first month since the HTC One M8


It is well known that HTC is not going through a very sweet moment, and that is that it has been suffering loss after loss for some years, partly because of proposals that were not very well received and partly because of insufficient promotion of its products. Even so, the Taiwanese manufacturer made a new attempt with its current flagship, the HTC U11.

This terminal was a small jump from its predecessors, leaving behind the aluminum that had become its identity and being forced to incorporate novelties as ‘Edge Sense’. There seems to be good news on this occasion, and the HTC flagship is selling better than its two predecessors.

The HTC U11 is selling better than its two predecessors, and in some markets is so popular that it is having problems to cover all the demand.

According to Chia-Lin Chang, president of the division of smartphones and connected devices, in the first month of availability of the HTC U11, sales are surpassing those that had the HTC 10 and the One M9, a news that undoubtedly is Positive for the company. According to the executive, in addition, terminal sales are expected to increase further in July.

According to Chang during a meeting with shareholders, the HTC U11 is so popular in some markets (including the US) that they are having trouble covering the entire demand. We will see in the coming months if this trend holds and the Taiwanese company can breathe easy.

Will the HTC U11 be the salvation of the company or is it too late?

The news that the HTC U11 is having better sales than its predecessors has been somewhat surprising and, at the same time, allows us to be moderately optimistic about the fate of the manufacturer. Obviously, we will have to see if this trend is maintained in the coming months so that those who we appreciate HTC (and write remembering my magnificent experience with the HTC One S) we can rejoice.

Answering the question that is called this section is very difficult, but if I may conjecture, I think the HTC U11 will not be the salvation of the manufacturer, but it is a point from which to depart to that destination, that of leaving the well. Therefore, it is not too late for the company, not as long as they continue to make the effort to innovate.

Undoubtedly the HTC U11, despite the skepticism with which people can welcome it (everyone has their tastes, thankfully), is one of the great alternatives to the Galaxy S8 since, although it does not have very fine edges (rather On the contrary), have known how to take advantage of the sides of the phone with Edge Sense and his taste for you to squeeze .

Taking into account that the smartphone market is very capricious, it is difficult to know if the HTC U11 will be a relative success for the Taiwanese company, so we will have an eye on its trajectory over the next few months. Do you think the HTC U11 is the manufacturer’s salvation or is it too late for them at this point?