HTC Vive Focus could be the standalone VR viewer


The Virtual Reality business, for HTC, seems to be the most profitable one in the future, given the competitive edge that has been achieved with the Vive project.

Looking forward to knowing more details about mobile divider projects, which, according to recent reports, may be sold to Google, the Taiwanese producer continues to carry on the viewer activity. The latest clues concern the Vive Focus brand registration application, both in Europe and the United States.

A trademark in itself cannot reveal the specific details of the product that it will identify, but there is no explicit reference to the expression ” head-mounted display for computer simulated reality ” in both certification requests. There seems to be no doubt that this will be a VR viewer.

Looking for the latest news on the Vive product line, it comes to the standalone version of Vive, which is presented in China in the summer.

On that occasion, the promotional material referred only to the term “standalone VR”; the trade name in Europe and the US could be Vive Focus, but these are speculation not confirmed by further evidence.

HTC has revealed little about the standalone Vive project: it remembers that hardware is based on Qualcomm’s reference design and that incorporates SoC Snapdragon 835, while the software will be able to run the HTC Viveport platform apps.

The international version, on the other hand, could offer compatibility with Google Daydream and it can not be ruled out that you will know more specific details about it at the press event that the Mountain View House will hold on October 4, dedicated first place, the introduction of the new Pixel smartphones.