Huawei also wants to get a folding mobile, and it would do so as soon as next year

Huawei introduced a few days ago to its Mate 10 series, of which only the cheapest (normal) and the most expensive (Porsche Design) we will see in Europe.

But the presentation has already passed and is about to think about the future, and for Huawei is nothing more or less than a foldable mobile.

ZTE has already launched its Axon M as the first proposal, and it is expected that Samsung will not be too late to show theirs, but it seems that, after all, they will not be the only ones that will try to surprise us with their products.

Richard Yu has stated that he wants to get a folding phone next year, but first, they have to solve the problem of the half-edge border and improve the flexibility of the screen.

According to statements by Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei, to Cnet, the company has a working model for a future smartphone foldable.

In this regard, Richard Yu has said that there is no need to rush, you need to first have a technology for a more flexible screen and better mechanical design.

However, it could be next year when this mobile saw the light. First, they want to solve a problem that we find in the Axon M, that border in the middle of the screen when both are joined and, according to the CEO, that is not good. Before removing this device they want to see how to eliminate this problem.

If the deadlines are met, coupled with their privileged position (they are the third manufacturer worldwide), could overcome Apple or Samsung stealing their position. For now, we will have to wait until next year and see how it evolves, but if Huawei does a good job on this mobile, its success could increase a lot.