Instagram tests a new UI with Stories-style horizontal scrolling

Instagram is testing a new method for displaying posts with horizontal scrolling. This is announced by Adam Mosseri, the new head of Instagram (following the resignation of the two founders ) who, on Twitter, confirmed that the distribution of the new UI is the result of an error as it is intended for a limited public.

According to some testimonials appeared on the web (a few hours after Instagram has restored the original version of the feed), in fact, the new version of the feed would seem to be more conceptually similar to the Stories eliminating the now famous vertical scrolling available since its inception (on Android ) back in 2012 .

The new UI, as clearly visible in the animated GIF at the top, is therefore characterized by a superior scroll bar that helps users understand the progress made within their feed.

Thanks to this new version, therefore, each post will be provided with an “individual” space that will favor the use of comments as well as the content itself. According to the Internet site The Verge, which has already had the opportunity to use it, scrolling between images and videos seems to be more “complicated” than the previous mode.

Le Storie, concludes The Verge, will be more easily accessible thanks to a small vertical scroll that eliminates, therefore, the need to return to the highest part of the feed.

Still not clear if this user interface will reach all users with future updates.