Intel gives the step so that the next Mac’s with Thunderbolt 3 are thinner

Just as analyzes of Microsoft’s new Surface Pro point to the absence of USB-C and Thunderbolt ports, Intel has decided to release the specifications of the Thunderbolt 3 interface so the industry can embed it in their devices without the need to pay royalties.

thunderbolt 3

This can push this connection a lot, able to transmit all kinds of data and function as a universal interface, towards many more devices of more brands.

Apple is in the latest MacBook Pro but is expected to be extended to other computers as they are being renewed.

Bye bye, controllers

The change will also allow something more: that the Thunderbolt 3 interfaces can be directly integrated into the motherboard.

Thunderbolt 3

Right now the MacBook Pro uses a controller that occupies 107 x 107 millimeters, something that for a laptop may seem little space but that can lead to thinner and lighter devices if we get rid of it.

In addition, computers that benefit from this change can also be more energy efficient and better use the batteries of those MacBook Pro that have less space inside.

It’s a simple change of conditions for manufacturers, but that can accelerate the expansion of Thunderbolt 3 in the long run.