Some interesting rumors about the iPhone 8

iPhone 8 gets all the attention this time. It is expected to be released earlier than the rest iPhones launched in the past.

iPhone 8

The screen is the first thing spoken that will receive major changes. 5.8-inch diagonal will and will use a panel OLED. Edge is expected to disappear at least on the side.

Perhaps the most curious rumor is that it will give up Touch ID.

Some tech sites talking about a new area on the screen as a band with software buttons.

The same band is supposed to integrate a new method of biometric identification that should replace the Touch ID technology introduced in 2013.

I tend to think that technology will take but in a more advanced form.

The Touch ID will remain but will be integrated into the screen as he spoke a year ago.

Apple is rumored to integrate a screen without edges since last year that would introduce virtual buttons.

This year could see a kind of Touch Bar 2.0 and iPhone where they can better integrate a variant finished after receiving feedback on the MacBook for the same function.

There would be something new in the industry but that Apple focuses on functions and usefulness of not adding as many functions in the phone make the difference in using the product.

It will be interesting to see how these rumors materialize in the final product.

iPhone is also rumored that will be released soon this year.