iPhone 8: Five Apple teams are working on different wireless charging methods

The Apple Watch was the first device of the California engineering giant Apple, which is wirelessly loaded.

iphone 8
Picture / PC Advisor

The technology used for this is based on the Qi standard, which is also used in many other manufacturers’ smartphones.

According to the Apple Watch, Cupertino also wants to put in the upcoming iPhone 8 on wireless charging, in which market observers agree.

However, what is still considered open is the technology used and whether it is a remote or inductive shop.

According to a new report, the current technology is still unknown, Apple also does not yet know in detail which method delivers the best results and is the most every day.

For example, at least five different teams are working on different wireless charging methods, as it is called from internal sources. Further information could not be elicited from the informant.

Less than three months ago 10 different prototypes it was announced that Apple tested about 10 different prototypes of the new iPhone generation.

So Apple should have had in the past weeks and months enough time, so you can soon decide for a final wireless charging technology.

This decision is becoming more and more urgent, as Apple wants to start production of the new devices earlier this year than it did in previous years.

On the one hand, the intention is to optimize production at an early stage. On the other hand, market observers expect a great deal of demand for the completely revised devices with glass housings.

At the latest until the start of production, therefore, Cupertino’s engineering group must have finally decided. With the introduction of the iPhone 8 is to be expected in September.

Shortly thereafter the pre-ordering of the devices will be possible. In addition to the glass housing and the possibility of the wireless charge, an OLED screen is to be installed for the first time in an iPhone.

Whether this is bent to the edges seems to be unclear.

As soon as the production of the devices starts, it is to be expected that components to the public, which allow more accurate assessments to the anniversary iPhone.

iPhone 8