The Japanese store of Nintendo will allow choosing the color of each Joy-Con (and belt) in the packs of Switch

The Japanese store of Nintendo will allow choosing the color of each Joy-Con (and belt) in the packs of Switch

From next week, the color of the Joy Cons that accompany Nintendo Switch will no longer be an obstacle for the Japanese to jump to the new Nintendo console: next August 22 the official website of Nintendo Japan will allow us to create A pack of Switch with the peripherals of the color that we like.

In fact, if we go to the web we can already experiment with the different color combinations that are offered to create the pack of Switch that most tempts us.

Two Joy With red between two yellow straps? Perfect to choose the Spanish football team in a game of ‘FIFA 18’ … or if you’re a fan of the alter-ego Tony Stark.

Of course, although there will be straps in the seven colors available until today, Joy Con neon green can only go on the left side and neon pink on the right.

However, the most interesting thing is that this initiative has a double purpose: in addition to having some direct control of the number of reserves (and avoiding cases of speculation), it is possible to deal more efficiently with the stock problem that Switch is having, Less in Japan.

To start, we can make our reservation at any time from the web and without having to depend on the usual store has units.

Despite having particularly healthy sales, so far the Switch has suffered a serious problem: Nintendo is not able to meet its demand.

Moreover, through this online sales system, La Gran N guarantees that all consoles booked on August 22 will arrive on October 1, so users take little more than a month to have their console, but In return, they are assured of theirs.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]If you are colorblind you are interested in ordering with someone next to you.[/perfectpullquote]

Will we see a similar initiative in Europe or America? For now, it will be interesting to see how this new system works in Japan. However, it must be admitted that, despite the added weight, being able to customize the Joy Cons gives a lot of play.

Can you imagine a Switch with peripherals inspired by Mario, Link, the most used character in Overwatch or our favorite football club?