Leaks reach Windows 10 with a Redstone 3 Build that has not yet been released

The never seen has come to the environment of Microsoft, specifically in regards to Builds in Windows 10.

Windows 10

And is that we are accustomed to leaks on prices, specifications, reviews of products before the releases, in fact, we could see with the Surface Laptop But never so far from builds leaks for Windows 10.

Especially in the case at hand that has as a protagonist a Build presumably intended for users belonging to the Insider Program.

And build 16193.1001 has been leaked by the Russian group WZor, a build that belongs to the development of Redstone 3, the next update of Windows 10 that should arrive before the end of the year.

The filtered build is the 10.0.16193.1001 rs prerelease.170507-1300 and had not yet been released, finding so far only available within Microsoft for the developers of the operating system.

A leak that has caught many by surprise.

And by the way, it should be warned that it is not convenient to install this Build in the case of access to it as it is a Build that has not even been approved for launch so that the rate of errors or errors that may contain could be High.

We do not know if over time Build will be released officially by Microsoft or with this undue leakage this Build will go to better life and will not be released.