Mark Zuckerberg Hacked Again, OurMine To be Behind

A report published today claims that hackers have broken into Mark Zuckerberg’s online accounts, for the second time this year. The now-infamous hacking group, OurMine, is said to be behind this hacking attempt.

OurMine, a hacking group that goes after celebrity profiles to raise awareness about security practices, has claimed credit for targeting Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Pinterest account.

While we can’t see any defacement on the account at the time of writing, folks at ZDNet (who were contacted by the group claiming this hack) confirm that Zuck’s Pinterest bio temporarily said, “Don’t worry, we are just testing your security.”

Zuckerberg continues to reuse old passwords?

OurMine also emailed ZDNet Zuckerberg’s publicly known username and password for his Twitter account.

Hackers claimed that Facebook chief’s current Twitter password was his former personal Gmail password, which he changed six months ago.

Whew! That’s some information.

The group also added that Zuckerberg had enabled two-factor authentication on Twitter after his account was hacked earlier this year. “The phone number associated with the account ended in ’86,’ according to the hackers,” ZDNet wrote.