“Messenger Day”: Facebook copies other Snapchat features

Facebook is expanding its messenger with another feature that Snapchat is known for: videos and photos can be added to your Messenger Day and deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Messenger Day

In addition to embroiderers and masks that can be added by face recognition, you can also choose the target group of your posts freely.

There is a saying “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – “Imitation is the most sincere form, flattery”. As a result, Snap as a Snapchat developer is likely to be bouncing with joy. Because Facebook has already done it again and one of the Snapchats features stolen, adapted and integrated into the own Messenger.

The feature is called “Messenger Day” and allows you to create messages for 24 hours, which are automatically deleted afterward. This can contain text, videos or pictures, which you can plaster with around 5000 effects, lettering, and stickers. Messenger Day has already been available for some users, but the global rollout for iOS and Android devices is starting today.

You can add the content to active chats or make them available to the public or to specific groups only. So that your boss does not follow the trickery of your party weekend in Las Vegas, for example.

In your Messenger Day, you add photos or videos just as you do otherwise: you start the camera in Messenger and after editing the option to attach the content to your tag. In addition, Facebook has integrated the ability to add photos and videos to your friends from chats. The messenger displays a corresponding symbol.

Messenger Day now extends the popular chat tool by another feature, which made Snapchat so obese and brought Snap ultimately to the stock exchange. We remember: Zuckerberg had tried several times snap in the past years. However, company manager saw much more potential in not doing so and even rejected amounts that were far from Peanuts.

Now, Facebook is obviously in the “Well, whatever” mode and uses both for the acquired Instagram as well as for the features of the competitor. This should be interesting for marketing purposes, especially by short advertising content and at the same time high attention.

Corresponding insights and videos in the Discover Tab of Snapchat are not easily flown over by blind users, like scrolling through the Facebook Timeline.