Microsoft Edge: Program Takes Active Bugs Until June 30

Microsoft has often relied on the security parameter as well as on the look of consumptions to convince the public of the goodness of the native Windows 10 browser.

Microsoft Edge: Program Takes Active Bugs Until June 30

It is not surprising, then, that the Redmond home has activated a program aimed at security experts and finalized To identify new Edge vulnerabilities.

Microsoft announced it last year and, in the company’s original intentions, should have been valid between August 4 2016, and May 15 2017.

Microsoft recently confirmed that the program’s lifespan was extended until June 30th, and that, of course, is good for both researchers involved in the program and for end users.

The first ones, in fact, may still want to win one of the great rewards – up to $ 15,000 in case of a vulnerability that allows remote code execution in Microsoft Edge with the latest builds (provided the developer is in Able to demonstrate the effectiveness of exploitation) – seconds can use a browser that is more and more immune to attacks.

Extremely welcome, especially at a time when the theme of security threats has become increasingly contemporary – think of the recent WannaCry attack.

Developers and security experts around the world can find more details about the Microsoft Edge Bounty Program by connecting to this address.

This undoubtedly welcome initiative favors the image of a browser that is still unable to compete in numerical terms with competing competitors.