ARM laptops are getting closer and Microsoft and Lenovo seem to be the most advanced

One of the news of the year has been the possibility of enjoying x86 applications on ARM processors.

ARM laptops

Announced the good news before the start of 2017, the truth is that to this day few are the movements we have known about it although it already seems that there are some actors better positions than others.

And is that for lack of knowing in detail what will be the first models that can reach the market, the truth is that it is not unreasonable to venture that the main brands that work as OEMs for Microsoft bet on a market that can be quite juicy.

And it is that in vain we are perhaps before one of the last bullets in the chamber for Microsoft with which to attract users to their mobile platform making use of the integration of mobile and desktop systems.

And is that if Windows 10 Mobile has an anecdotal weight, Windows 10 on the desktop has incredible strength and that’s what they should try to take advantage of.

Thus begins a race in which already begin to appear indications of which may be the first manufacturers interested in betting on the platform and thus we already have Microsoft and Lenovo in the first line of the exit of this new bet.

The first, logical, to be the father of the creature and the second to be one of the leading manufacturers of equipment worldwide.

Hopefully, we will find equipment less powerful than the traditional desktop models we all know, although these models can be oriented with almost total security to a totally different use in which we will not find the main purpose in which The video games or the work that requires power to Raudales is the protagonist.

A new ecosystem of computers oriented to navigate the network, office tasks, multimedia reproduction … that would come to be direct competition with Google’s Chromebooks (maybe here also enter the game Windows Cloud).

For now, we know little more about it. We hope to see the first teams with the brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 in their interior (or evolutions of the same) so as to add more competition in a market as it is the computer processors where the almighty Intel comes to a new Competitor … if it was that with AMD was not enough.

It is speculated that the first teams to come to the market are two-in-one hybrid devices, so fashionable lately, but to know more we have no choice but to keep waiting.