Microsoft does not want to know anything about the Mixed Reality associated with Project Scorpio and will focus on PC

With this year’s E3 around the corner, little by little news and rumors about what we can or, in this case, we will not be able to see at the video game fair.

project scorpio

An event in which one of the great protagonists can be Microsoft and its new console, Project Scorpio.

And is that if a few days ago we had a sample of which was the development kit for this new console, which had an aesthetic based on Xbox One S, now it is again talking about the future machine and one of the trends that The more force they have today: the Mixed Reality.

And is that not surprising words of Alex Kipman (the engineer behind the development of Kinect) in which he says that Mixed Reality is important for Microsoft but for now only want to limit this experience to the PC environment, so Project Scorpio would stay out of this binomial, at least in the beginning:

“For now the best platform to exploit the Mixed Reality is a PC with Windows as it has an open ecosystem and a large user base, so it offers a better opportunity for developers.”

And is that although the new console can play games at 4K resolution (no scaling), it seems that users will not see mixed Reality glasses focused for use with the console and games that may be compatible. Nothing of a kind of PlayStation VR but in Microsoft version.

Although Project Scorpio has a great power of processing, or at least that is what they have told us, it seems that since Redmond are not so clear that the immediate future of the machine can go through this type of uses:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Our focus now is to focus on Mixed Reality but for Windows. We also believe that RV devices for console use should be wireless. So now we focus on developing and improving these experiences for PC and not console. [/perfectpullquote]

This way in Microsoft seems that for now they will only be left with the HoloLens and the different glasses of Mixed Reality that are going out to the market by third manufacturers, but nothing to do with Project Scorpio.

We will leave all doubt on the 11th when the new console is scheduled to be presented to the world.