Microsoft publishes a new spot for Surface Dial

Surface Dial is one of the latest attempts to revolutionize the way the user interface with computers and is probably one of the most concrete and interesting.

It does not replace either mouse or keyboard, but it fits in with it as a valuable add-on tool especially for “creators” – artists, charts, musicians, and designers.

It is compatible with all PCs with Bluetooth, but only a limited number of devices can be placed on the screen for even more functionality.

Microsoft has presented it as the perfect complement to its first all-in-one, Surface Studio, towards the end of 2016, but has made it clear that it is just the first step in an industry yet to explore.

Unfortunately for us in Europe, it is not yet available officially, as well as on Surface Studio. Microsoft makes us, even more, want to try it with the latest video spot published on YouTube.

We remind you that the accessory costs $ 99, if you happen to have a detour in the United States, and is compatible with the brand new Surface Pro and Surface Laptop.