Microsoft Word and Excel already available for all Chromebooks

Microsoft Office is one of the best office suites that exist today. It is true that all Android devices and Chromebooks can take advantage of Google Docs, but compared to Word or Excel what Google offers is far behind. Until now, users of a Pixelbook did have access to Office but the rest of Chromebooks did not.

What was the reason for this limitation? Mainly because Microsoft limited Office 365 to devices less than 10.1 inches. Those models with bigger screen had to acquire a special subscription to be able to use it. Now come with ChromeOS, Windows, Android or iOS.

Microsoft already allows using Word and Excel from ChromeOS

Now, this has changed. ChromeOS users in addition to having access to all Google Play applications can finally also have Word and Excel on their Chromebook. Be a Samsung Chromebook Pro, an Acer or even the ASUS C202SA that on Black Friday was for only 99 euros.

Precisely in that last model is where we have been testing Word and Excel. There will still be a subscription to Office 365 to be able to freely edit, but the creation of files works well.

To install it you have to do exactly the same as with any other application. We go to the app store and we give it to install. Now Word and Excel will appear as compatible, although the same does not happen with PowerPoint, which is still limited and can not be installed.

The truth is that it works just as well as it does in any other device, with an interface perfectly adapted for both tablets and traditional computers. A complete text editor and a spreadsheet that will allow ChromeOS users to get more out of their laptops.