End of 2020 could be the date indicated by Microsoft to stop supporting Windows 10 Mobile


When we buy any type of device that has an operating system inside, one of our concerns refers to the deadline of the life of our brand new acquisition. And we often understand how life, that period in which the manufacturer offer support in the form of updates.

A factor to keep in mind especially in an era like this in which the threats that want to violate the security of our apparatuses is constant.

We have seen that there are cases in which a product ceases to receive support from the manufacturer, an abandonment that is usually due to the desire to sell (better sell the new rather than invest time and resources in the old).

Other times it is given by the lifetime, although this is becoming rarer. In the case of Microsoft we saw how this year has ended support for different versions of Windows ( Vista or Windows Phone are two examples) and we know when you could touch reaching the end of support of your mobile operating systems Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise Edition.

According to WindowsBlogItalia, this date is deduced from a Microsoft note. Both versions that were released in 2017, will have a support that will extend until the end of the year 2020. That would be the date set for the end of the support for the version that is to come, which we know as Fall Creators Update.

We will not see either Redstone 3 or Redstone 4 and Redstone 2 Feature 2 will be the latest version that mobile handsets will enjoy. This is a maintenance version that has nothing to do with the new version of Windows for mobile in which they are working from Microsoft, which we know so far as Andromeda.

The end of support means that after that date, Microsoft will no longer offer updates, online support, or fixes. In this way, our equipment will stop receiving patches, including security, except in exceptional cases such as those we saw with WannaCry.

It’s still three years of life, not bad, especially if we look at Android, but three years in the hands of Microsoft determine what quality of life gives its ecosystem and the owners of a phone with Windows 10 Mobile.

It will be the swan song of a mobile operating system that has passed with more sorrow than glory and will leave its niche for the arrival of a new bet, Andromeda, which we hope will have more fortune than its predecessor.