Microsoft would have already completed the development of Windows 10X

Microsoft would have already completed the development of Windows 10XWe have been talking about Windows 10X for a long time, and the evolution that this project has undergone over the last year. Not so much by Microsoft directly, as by leaks that have been taking place, and that has helped us to know the intentions of those from Redmond with this variant of their operating system that began to be developed with a purpose, but that over time It has transformed to cover other options.

We have known about Windows 10X for just over a year, in October 2019, when it was first leaked that Microsoft was working on a special version of Windows for devices with a folding screen. Now, in the middle of December 2020, and according to Windowslatest, the development of Windows 10X for low-resource devices has finished and, therefore, its RTM version is ready to start being distributed to manufacturers and assemblers who are going to opt for this operating system.

In case you did not know and now that of devices with few resources has left you with doubt, indeed, at some point this year Microsoft’s plans for Windows 10X changed and, from being an operating system for devices with two screens and touch functions, became a kind of Windows 10 light, capable of running on low-performance systems. This, of course, does not mean that the version for multiscreen devices has been forgotten, but it does mean that its development was in the background, prioritizing that of the version that, it seems, has already been completed.

We already told you a few months ago that Windows 10X would arrive sometime in the first half of 2021, but with this news in this regard, it makes a lot of sense to think that we can limit the wait to the first quarter. However, of course, this will depend directly on the launch plan for 2021 of the manufacturers that will already integrate it into their devices. I know it’s running a bit, but at this point, we can’t rule out that the first Windows 10X systems will be unveiled as early as CES 2021 which, as you already know, will be held in early January.

According to the gossips, it is the manufacturers who have pressured Microsoft to have this version of Windows 10, so now it is expected that they will take advantage of it as soon as possible, so any launch announced at CES and that, between the announcement and the commercialization leaves the necessary margin, it could be the first system announced and commercialized with Windows 10X, a milestone that is sure to attract more than one brand.

Now, it is essential that you know that it is not a version of Windows that you will be able to buy normally, just as you do with the rest. Windows 10X will only be distributed to manufacturers and assemblers under OEM licenses.