Microsoft would already be working on Windows 10 21H2

Microsoft would already be working on Windows 10 21H2

At the moment, we know little about Windows 10 21H2, the second Windows 10 update that is expected to arrive around October 0 (maybe November) next year.

And if the Windows 10 maintenance cycle defined by Microsoft for a few years is still active, the normal thing would be that, at this point, the news would point more to Windows 10 21H1, the April or May update, than to the autumn one. And this is very interesting because it points in a direction that we have been talking about for some time.

To better understand what is happening, it is key that you know that Microsoft has been releasing some minor updates on the insider channel for some time, some updates and improvements that, in all probability, will make up the Windows spring update.

An update that will stand out… for nothing at all. Windows 10 21H1 will be even less conspicuous than Windows 10 20H2, which indicates that Microsoft is going to concentrate next year’s Windows news on Windows 10 21H2.

This makes sense for a number of reasons and, if confirmed, I think it would be an important move on Microsoft’s part. The key point to understand is Windows 10 2004, the first update of this year, which promised a lot, but because of the huge number of errors with which it arrived, it was a significant burden and questioned Microsoft’s ability to maintain two big updates a year. Focusing efforts on Windows 10 21H2 could prevent a repeat of what happened this year with the spring update.

It is nothing new, actually, we already raised it a few months ago: Microsoft could adopt the Apple model with MacOS: a big update a year, more or less polished and with enough new features to make the change attractive to most. of the users.

And if they also choose to put a commercial name on each version, something that their marketing department must have been demanding for years, Windows 10 21H2 could kick off a new and, in my opinion, a more intelligent strategy by Microsoft. And if each version has its own desktop background photo, it would score even more points.

Another reason to focus the 2021 update efforts on Windows 10 21H2 is that this would allow more scope for Microsoft’s engineering teams to focus on Windows 10X, the specific and modular version of the operating system for devices with limited resources and More importantly, with form factors that are out of the ordinary.

We expect it to arrive in the first half of 2021 and therefore it is understandable that combining its launch with a large Windows 10 update could be really chaotic.

So, to collect, what can we expect from Windows 10 in 2021? The big milestones would be, in principle, the launch of Windows 10X and the Windows 10 21H2 fall update, in which we hope that the new user interface on which Microsoft has been working for some time will finally be seen.

And, in between, Windows 10 21H1, a minor update that, yes, should be little or no problem, unlike the update of May of this year.