Should he live or die? – With Netflix you have the choice in the future

The universally popular streaming giant Netflix is currently working on a new feature for its viewers.


In the future, there will be interactive films and series, in which the users themselves can determine how the story goes. The first test run is set to start this year.

Whether it’s “Game of Thrones“, “Orange is the new Black”, or “Stranger Things”, as soon as in any series dies sooner or later. Well, at GoT this is particularly tragic, as the action turns into a mass death.

There are always unpredictable changes and the course of the story is becoming increasingly dramatic. Many characters have to believe in this, not only in the true sense of the word but also because, for example, something bad happens to them.

But to see the favorite charity so to suffer, really does not want any, right?

Netflix understands our longing for living favorite characters who may not be as hard-hitting as Sansa by Ramsay Bolton. The streaming giant is currently working on interactive films and series in which the viewer takes on the role of the director and can determine how the story should go on.

For this, the actors of the series will always have to turn off different scenes, so that the user has a few options open. The decision will affect how the future action develops. The whole thing reminds me a few kids’ books, where you have to make different decisions and influence the story.

How exactly the viewer communicates his decision has not yet been said. You could think of an app for dialing or certain keys on the remote control of a smart TV.

I understand, if not all of this feature will be enthusiastic, because you are often surprised by a series of actions so unexpectedly, and this is also an important part of a good series.

However, I can also imagine that it is fun to watch the different strings of action or to experience the series in different variants frequently. Therefore, video games are often repeated several times to see how the differences are eliminated.

According to the Daily Mail, first tests on the decision-making function are to be carried out by Netflix as early as 2017. In the beginning, however, a children ‘s series will have to be used as a test rabbit and if the format should be successful, it will also be adapted to adult series.

Whether there will be new series, which are then born from the beginning with the feature or even existing series with it is still unclear. I am very curious about how this will develop.