Nintendo Switch: New information about subscribing to online services

Back to talk about Switch’s online pay-off service: Nintendo has recently responded to a series of questions from the famous Famitsu magazine, revealing some interesting details and pointing out that Classic Game Selection will not replace the Virtual Console.

As stated a few days ago, all those who sign up for a Switch subscription will have access to a selection of games from Classic Game Selection. The titles in question, in addition to having the online compartment, will add new features to classical games.

As for the Virtual Console for Switch, Nintendo has stated that the catalog has not yet been set up.

Subscription to online services will also be linked to your account and not to the console but in the future, information will be revealed about a system that will allow you to associate multiple profiles to the same Switch.

You can make payments via e-shop, using your credit or alternatively a credit card or prepay. The sale of “download cards” is also for the moment only for Japan.

We remind you that paid online will only come into effect in 2018, so owners of the new hybrid console can still access the online services in a totally free way.