Nova Launcher is already compatible with Android Oreo, integrates with Sesame Shortcuts and more

Nova Launcher

In an operating system where personalization is one of its great advantages over others, dedicated applications compete hard to become the best.

Among the launchers, the most popular despite the tough competition is Nova, which tries to give an experience similar to pure Android and offer an extra personalization.

Nova is usually one of the first launchers to adapt to the new version of Android (in this case Oreo) and, as it can not be otherwise, this year has fulfilled.

Now, with the arrival of Google Play stable version 5.4, we will find several new features, including the integration of Sesame Shortcuts and its support for Android Oreo.

Compatibility with Android Oreo means that devices with this version of the operating system (currently the Nexus and Pixel) will be able to use Nova without a problem and take advantage of all its features.

This is, on the other hand, one of the first things that the TeslaCoil team usually does every time a new version of Android appears.

In Nova Launcher 5.4 we find the integration of Sesame Shortcuts (which you have to install separately, we leave the download box below), which allows you to perform long keystrokes in the icons that show typical options of the application (new tweet, new mail, etc) and to be able to customize the icon itself.

Among other innovations we can find in Nova Launcher is the new application search animation, the ability to hide the navigation bar of the Galaxy S8 (in the launcher settings, entering ‘Appearance’) and the typical bug fixes and optimizations of all versions.

The update is now available on Google Play, so you can now test the news brought to us by Nova.

As usual, they are not too many, but neither does it need much to remain the best Android launchers. Have you tried the new version of Nova?