The OnePlus 5 will receive the facial recognition implemented in the OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T
During the last weekend, and after a trial period, OnePlus finally released the official update with Android 8.0 Oreo -OxygenOS 5- for the OnePlus 5.

An update that included many improvements and optimizations for the smartphone, but no trace of the long-awaited unlocking system through facial recognition released by the OnePlus 5T. However, that is about to change, as has been seen by the CEO of the company.

Facial recognition is not something new in Android. However, the irruption of Apple’s iPhone X and it’s innovative – and at the same time exclusive – 3D facial recognition system, called Face ID, has propelled a tide of replicas.

OnePlus has been one of those manufacturers, which did not take long to offer a similar security measure on its OnePlus 5T. A feature that will soon be available in the OnePlus 5.

Facial recognition for the OnePlus 5

As we have already indicated, the OnePlus 5 was updated last Friday with OxygenOS 5, a major update that included Android 8.0 Oreo, but also a long list of improvements integrated by the manufacturer.
However, among the innovations offered by OnePlus, it was quickly proven that the OnePlus 5T facial recognition system was not among them.

At the insistent request of users, eager to see this security feature on their smartphones, OnePlus CEO, Carl Pei, wanted to inform customers in a Christmas message that the OnePlus 5 will soon receive the aforementioned security system.

Available in future updates

At the moment, there is no specific date, although it will most likely happen when the manufacturer releases an update with corrections and optimizations detected in the latest update of OxygenOS.

In this way, once the facial recognition system is received, the user will have the possibility of unlocking their OnePlus smartphone by simply double-tapping the screen of the OnePlus and keeping the view focused on that element.

Automatically, in the space of half a second, the front camera of the OnePlus 5 will make a series of checks of the facial features of the user and validate the session.

An unlock system that has been able to check as extremely fast, although we must qualify that does not offer the same level of security as Face ID of the iPhone X, although the latter is not perfect either.