OnePlus 9 receives an update that fixes some bugs

OnePlus 9 receives an update that fixes some bugs

Like other electronics and smartphone manufacturers, OnePlus has had some issues with updates to the Android 12 operating system. According to the PhoneArena, the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro flagships will finally receive updates that will also fix connection issues to the latest 5G network.

How does OnePlus plan to solve 5G network connection issues?

Many problems have been reported from the beginning with the launch of Android 12 on the OnePlus 9 and its Pro version. Due to frequent complaints from customers, the company finally decided to suspend the updating of the operating system in these devices.

After some time, the updates were restored. Even before the end of 2021, the OnePlus brand even announced the arrival of the newly built Android 12 environment, which is focused on many previous unrecoverable bugs. The latest OxygenOS 12 is currently being distributed to facilities mainly in India and North America.

European customers will have to wait a while for the latest system to arrive. However, the company announced that it plans to receive the update to Europe gradually during January 2022. The later arrival is mainly due to stricter approval of technical data and the need for certificates regarding OxygenOS 12 in several European countries.

The list of planned changes that we can expect is short, but each part of it is extremely important. The C.40 assembly in the OxygenOS 12 environment should mainly solve the problem of connection and access to 5G networks in specific situations. The update is also intended to resolve system issues under certain conditions.