OnePlus accused of infringing patents with the OnePlus 5T facial unlocking system

OnePlus 5t

The OnePlus 5T was intended to be a continuous renewal, where the focus of attention was going to be on its brand-new screen 18: 9. However, when we could prove it, we realized that facial recognition and unlocking with our face was excellent.

In only 0.4 seconds the OnePlus 5T is able to read our face and unlock it to use it. Through a hundred reference points a comparable and even faster speed is achieved than FaceID or the iris recognition of Note 8.

Although it is not an infallible or very complex technology, the truth is that it works very well. OnePlus uses its 16-megapixel front camera to perform the entire process. All the criticisms have been very positive in this aspect, so much so that now we receive a statement criticizing OnePlus for having used a facial recognition technology that does not belong to them.

SensibleVision accuses OnePlus of infringing its patents

Through an interview with MySmartPrice, the CEO of SensibleVision, a company specializing in facial recognition and biometric authentication, has accused OnePlus of infringing its patents with the OnePlus 5T facial release.

OnePlus 5t

The statements of George Brostoff specify that one of his patents, the lighting, would have been used by OnePlus without permission.

“It’s nothing new. We have been doing this for years. Now it seems that they (OnePlus) would have been using various technology patents. We have not licensed these patents to OnePlus or any of its suppliers. Watching the Forbes video, they surely have violated at least our illumination patent. ”

SensibleVision has not yet taken legal action but says that its legal department is studying the matter. They do not rule out starting a trial with OnePlus. In fact, they also say that their patents have been infringed by multiple companies over the years and that it would not be an event that OnePlus also took advantage of their work.

This is the SensibleVision patents

How is the Sensible Vision patent? If we look specifically at the lighting we see that it is roughly defined as:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]”A camera that is used to provide images to a facial recognition software, the screen is used to show images to the user and a second way to illuminate the user’s face for detection with the camera.”[/perfectpullquote]

It is not exactly very specific and almost any facial recognition system that uses the camera and a light bulb could fit this description.

SensibleVision is a US company and they comment that the patent is registered there and even if OnePlus is a foreign company it should continue to be fulfilled. In Android, this company already has some jobs and applications and the truth is that its facial recognition is light years away from what OnePlus is offering today.

There have been no legal actions and although they say they are investigating it, we really believe that they will not end up doing it. For SensibleVision generate this controversy with OnePlus can be simply a marketing maneuver, a technique that many times we have criticized the other protagonist of this story and now is used against them.