OxygenOS 3.2.0 now available for the OnePlus 3 with RAM management fixes and more

OnePlus has announced that the OxygenOS 3.2.0 update for the OnePlus 3 will begin rolling out now.

The update brings a number of big fixes to the phone, like sRGB mode in developer options, enhanced RAM management, camera quality fixes and more.

Plans for the update were previously revealed following some drama surrounding how OnePlus was managing the 6GB of RAM on the phone.

Highlights from the update include:

  • The enabled sRGB mode in developer options.
  • Improved RAM management.
  • Improved GPS performance.
  • Enhanced audio playback quality.
  • Updated custom icon packs.
  • Fixed some issues with notifications.
  • Improved camera quality/functionality.
  • Fixed some issues in Gallery.
  • Implemented latest Google security patches.
  • Fixed bugs in Clock/Music apps.

The update will begin rolling out now, and OnePlus anticipates all OnePlus 3 owners will see the update within 48 hours.