Panos Panay says no, we will not see a Surface Pro 5 in the short term and that Surface Pro 4 is more than competitive

Surface Pro 5It seems that we will not be clear until the last minute when it will be time to see a Surface Pro 5 and is that the renewal of the convertible par excellence of Microsoft is being made to pray more than we expected.

Event yes, an event no, the truth is that it seems that the time does not come to see a presentation about it.

And that now was the time when all the rumors indicated that it could be the one chosen by Microsoft to offer us a new product. May 23 in Shanghai was the date that many had in mind.

An event with Pany Pany, one of those responsible for Surface present in it. Who gave more?

Well, no, in the end, it seems that will not be so and that was wanted to make clear the same Panos Panay, Vice President of Microsoft in charge of the Surface series in an interview in which CNET colleagues have asked about the expected announcement.

There is a desire to know the convertible that happens to Surface Pro 4 but … we will have to wait.

And is that according to Panay Surface Pro 4 is a first-line product that can remain competitive in the market today for up to five more years. Nothing more and nothing less, so that the hopes of seeing a new Surface Pro are gone.

These statements have a basis and are also solid. It’s not about putting a new processor and more power or better screen. No. From Microsoft think that it is better to wait for the technology to provide improvements that make the generation jump interesting.

It will be the ideal moment to offer the Surface Pro 5 and not before.

[quote_colored name=”” icon_quote=”no”]”Surface Pro 5 will come when we can make a change that is remarkable and worth it. At that time we will launch the Surface Pro 5 or the corresponding product that has to arrive. To this day Surface Pro 5 does not exist as such”[/quote_colored]

So where are the hopes of seeing a Surface Pro 5 at the Shanghai event? All alerts had been raised there by Panay who also tweeted about the event with the hashtag #surface.

Some hopes that can directly go by land, at least according to these statements.

We could see a simple update of the Surface Pro 4 with some new component though, and although it would not be a leap, this would not make much sense if we welcome the words we have already seen.

If it is a “so competitive” product why launch a slightly improved version? Also, this would not do any fun to the buyer who just made one.