Chrome 70 will add support for the MacBook Pro fingerprint reader

Chrome 70 will add support for the MacBook Pro fingerprint reader
Version 70 of Google Chrome will bring a very interesting novelty for the safety of users. According to MacInsider, soon people with a MacBook Pro with Touch ID can use the browser to add support for fingerprint readers in macOS.

In other words, Chrome 70 will allow using Touch ID as biometric authentication for websites. An image that shows an example message for users to verify their identity with the “touch sensor”.

The above will happen when people enter their credentials to log into a web page, and immediately the system may ask them to confirm their identity using the fingerprint.

For now, it is not known how many websites will be compatible with this function, but it is believed that for a beginner there will not be many websites that have this function.

More updates from Chrome 70

In addition to this new feature, Chrome 70 will remove the ‘Secure’ label from the navigation bar, so that now a label called ‘Not sure’ will appear highlighted in red. In addition, this version also adds the function ‘Shape Detection API’, so that developers can make experiments reading barcodes and QR codes, text, images, or even recognize faces.

Finally, Chrome 70 will also automatically exit ‘full screen’ mode when a page displays a dialog box, to get users out of the most immersive mode when a decision needs to be made. Currently, Chrome 70 is in beta, but it will be out soon for all devices.