The iMac Pro’s SSD and RAM memory can be expanded according to the OWC

iMac Pro
You were probably expecting a similar news with iFixit as the protagonist, but no. This time the OWC team, a manufacturer of components and fix guides for Mac, was the first to open an input model of iMac Pro on the channel.

The company has shared its impressions and a video with everything discovered that gives some hope for those looking for a way to expand the team after purchase.

iMac Pro extensions are possible with a “but”

The iMac Pro is the most powerful Mac to date. It contains almost everything that the most demanding Mac users asked of Apple, except for the expansion options after the purchase that remained an unknown quantity.

Until now, OWC has confirmed that the iMac Pro RAM can be exchanged by the user or by a specialized store (this is the recommended option).

The RAM of the iMac Pro is divided into four slots instead of the traditional two slots, to take advantage of the four channels available.

This means that to expand the RAM we will need to distribute the new memory in four identical cards that add the desired capacity: 4 or 8GB for 32GB, 4 of 16GB for 64GB; 4 32GB for 128GB.

For storage, OWC has found two SSD disks in RAID that can be exchanged by removing a screw. Which contrasts with the soldered memories of other equipment.

OWC is working on expansion kits for the iMac Pro, although doing so on behalf of the user requires a warning: it is not a simple process and the risk of damaging something in such expensive equipment is very high.

If you are planning to get an iMac Pro, the ideal is to buy the equipment with what you think you will need in the future. It is possible that expand it after the purchase requires a high budget between components and labor.