Microsoft snatches with Surface the first place to Apple and its iPad in relation to the satisfaction of use

With the arrival of the iPad and the explosion of the tablet market in general, many saw the beginning of the end for portable and desktop computers.

Surface Pro
It seemed difficult that they could compete with the lightness and possibilities offered by the tablets … and in the end, time has put each in its place.

The PC is not only not dead but has a new energy. The tablets are fall-layer and the hybrids or convertibles are the new future bet to combine the best of both platforms to improve the productivity of users.

The truth is that for a long time the possibilities offered by the tablets have been defended. And with knowledge of the cause, since I have used iPad in several generations, I have to confess that I have not been able to obtain the same performance as with the laptop.

Apple manufactures a great product but it is not what many users demand and that is something that I could check when using a time a Surface.

It was a Surface Pro 3 and although it did not replace my usual laptop, it did offer many more possibilities than could be obtained with the iPad (nor the iPad Pro with keyboard gives the same game).

A fact that makes me not surprised to read that a market study considers the Microsoft Surface as the best tablet in 2016.

The study was done by JD Power, a market analysis firm and in it establishes that the Surface Pro 4 is the best tablet of 2016 giving the maximum score, a total of five stars.

A score in which they value aspects such as versatility, style and design and that place it above the Apple iPad.

In this classification, the Surface Pro 4 achieved a total of 855 points out of 1,000 possible while the Apple iPad stayed at 849 euros. And only two points less, 847, were obtained by Samsung.
This is a market analysis carried out in the United States between October and December 2016, which for the sixth year seeks to measure customer satisfaction when using tablets for which they measure five different factors according to importance. Thus, aspects such as performance (28%), ease of use (22%), characteristics (22%), design (17%) and price (11%) were studied. In the words of Jeff Conklin, Vice President of JD Power:

“The Microsoft Surface platform has revealed what tablets can do and has set a standard for consumer satisfaction. It’s as portable as a laptop and can work as standard tablets.”

This time Apple or Samsung see as from Microsoft they take the first place in this ranking, the fruit of the good work done in the previous year in which Microsoft put all the meat on the grill with innovative products such as Surface Studio, Surface Dial or Surface Book i7. And while we are waiting for Surface Pro 5.